I went downtown in Naperville!  ノースセントラル大学 渋谷

This month was a little bit hard for likely all students because we had to do several projects, presentation and handing in a essay, and finally taking a final exam at the end of this term. So I needed time to prepare for these assignments. 


In this term, I took sole one final exam, History, because I had to hand in an essay instead of taking final exams at other two classes, ESL and ENG STYLE. In History's final exam, it was incredible hard to memorize everything I learned during this term since what I learned were totally new for me. Moreover, what I had to do in the test was not only to memorize what I learned but also to write short three essays, which should be included my idea against a class topic and have at least one page, during test hours, almost 2 hours. 


Also, as I said above, instead of taking final exams, I had to write an essay, which should have more than 10 pages in ENG STYLE class. This was my first experience to write an incredibly long essay like this assignment. Even though I have written a large number of essays so far, I feel like this essay may be the hardest one compared with other essays I wrote before. The reason why I felt the most difficult is the topic of final essay was not my favorite area; however, I managed to finish writing the essay. As a result, I could get all credits. 



After final exam, there was spring vacation which had virtually 2 weeks. During this vacation, I went downtown in Naperville to discover good bars with my friend. What I did in this vacation were mainly to drink and watched several movies. Even though I couldn't study for something I have to do and I want to do such as TOEIC, it was really nice for me to relax.



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