Sekai no Yama-chan (Kanayama Branch)

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Have you ever heard "Sekai no Yamachan"?


It's a famous Japanese izakaya bar in Nagoya.

Popular dishes are "Tebasaki'' (Famous "Kara-age" deep-fried chicken wings), "Misokushikatshu" (Deep-fried pork skewers in red miso sauce), "Doteni"
(Pork entrails simmered in red miso), Tenmusu (Rice ball with shrimp tempura) and so on.

All of them are Nagoya traditional dishes. Tebasaki is the most popular and favorite dish at Yamachan. Both Misokushikatsu and Doteni are made with red miso.

Nagoya has "Miso culture". Aichi prefecture has many brewing factories. Miso and Japanese sake are made there.

The Kanayama branch is a time-honored shop. The logotype is written in Hiragana. There are 27 branches of "Sekai no Yamachan" in Nagoya city. In all Japan there are 69 branches. There are 7 branches abroad.

If you are enthusiastic about the cuisine, you may be able to go to Yamachan in your own country and compare it with the cuisine in the Japanese shops. However, they have their each specialties. The popular dishes differ from shop to shop.

Famous Nagoya Food at Sekai no Yamachan !

Now we introduce our recommendations.

First of all, tebasaki, probably the famous "Kara-age" deep-fried chicken wings.

Tebasaki, Chicken wings, are the most popular menu. They are spicy and very tasty. If you dislike spicy ones, you can adjust the amount of pepper.


Next, tenmusu, rice balls with shrimp tempura.

It's crunchy and very tasty. This rice ball is popular in Nagoya.


Next one is kushikatsu, deep-fried pork skewers in red miso sauce.

Kushikatsu is also popular Nagoya food. It's covered with a sauce made with red miso. We can eat it with our hands and it is easy to eat. But when we eat them, you need to be careful not to prick your throat with the skewers.



Finally, doteni, pork entrails simmered in red miso.

Doteni is boiled with pork entrails and red miso. It also contains Konnyaku (Konjac). Doteni has a rich taste because red miso is used


Come and enjoy Nagoya's specialities in Sekai no Yamachan!

Hours(Mon.-Fri.) 5:30pm-00:45am (Last order 11:55pm)

                 (Sat.) 4:30pm-00:45am (Last order 11:55pm)

               (Sun. & Holiday) 5:00pm-11:15pm (Last order 10:30pm)

ClosedOpen 7 days a week
                  (except the year-end and New Year holidays)


WebsiteSekai no Yama-chan (Kanayama Branch)




AddressKanayama cho 2-1-6, 1F, Atsuta, Nagoya

Access4 min. from Kanayama Sta., South exit



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