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Each student is different. Our students are studying English so I hope that each student finds something that they can connect with in English, something that they can be interested in, so that they can enjoy studying English. If they enjoy studying English, they can make more progress.They can do better. They are many ways to be succsessful about studying English, I think. I hope that each student can discover the right way for him or her.

Some students, for example, are interested in music or in films and those students really learn a lot by watching one film very often, or by listening to music they get a good sense about the rhythm of English or the pronunciation of English. So, I would like to encourage my students to find their own way to study English to be successful learners.








In my ZEMIseminar for example, I teach Sociolinguistics and we study topics like the relationship between language and culture and women's language and men's language and how they are different in English or in Japanese. Also, we study American culture. Sometimes we study language topics and sometimes we study culture-related.




To keep students interested, I try to choose topics which I think are interesting for the students but I also want to do something serious, I want students to learn about the world...for example now in the ZEMI we've been studying about American history. Students don't know much about America although they are interested in.



We have studied about Native Americans, Columbus coming to America, the early colonies, American revolution, how the settlers moved from the east coast to the west coast, the north and the south, Blacks, the situation in America before Civil War and so on. I hope that students come to a better understanding of America or deeper understanding of American culture through  American history. We also talked about the structure of the American government. I think this is something you need about to know if you want to listen to the news, or read the newspaper because they are always talking about these things.




I also have some video series about the story of English which I use to let students connect with English. There are many topics in these videos, and they can be quite difficult so I have a Japanese version so students can listen to it in Japanese. In this type of study, I'm trying to teach content or ideas using English. It's not really an English class but we are using English to learn other things, so it becomes difficult. But in order to make it easier, I try to choose books which are written in English and translated into Japanese. In the Sociolinguistics class, I give the students Japanese and English versions of the book. I explain things in English and I encourage them to read them in English. But the material is difficult. University students in America use the same book. But if they read in Japanese, I think they can understand. この授業は難しいと思いますが、だんだん分かってくるので、学生にとっても、自信につながると思います。




In English classes, we often do pair-work to get more used to speaking to each other and to feel more comfortable. Many of our students go to study abroad. They talk to people there and they improve their English and they learn to have some confidence about communicating in English. So I'm always happy when the students go abroad.








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