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Atsuta Jingu

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Atsuta Jingu has been respected through the ages as one sacred Shinto shrine.

The original of Atsuta Jingu dates back to A.D. 113 when the sword 'Kusanagi-no-misturugi', which is one of the three Sacred Treasures of emperor, was enshrined.

The three treasures (the mirror, the jewel and the sword) are also known as symbols of the emperor's throne.


Atsuta Jingu has large grounds and a rich forest despite its urban location, and therefore it is often called 'Atsuta-noMori' (Atsuta Forest).

Atsuta Jingu attracts more than seven million visitors per year.

Shimizu-sha in Atsuta Jingu

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Shimizu-sha, known as the deity of water, is located at the start of the 'Kokoro-no-komichi' footpath. 

There is a popular spring next to this Shinto shrine. This spot attracts many tourists because it is believed that, if you pour water over a stone in the center of the spring three times, your wish will come true. 


The stone in the spring is believed to have some relationship with Yang Kuei-Fei, a legendary Chinese queen, known as one of the three beauties in the world history. It is said that if you wash your face with water here, you will change and become more beautiful!


Famous Trees in Atsuta Jingu

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Atsuta Jingu has many old trees, many of which have more than a thousand-year history. 

There are three trees, 'Okusu', 'Narazu-no-ume' and 'Taro-an-tsubaki', which are particularly famous and attract many visitors. 


Okusu is one of the biggest camphor trees in the precinct, which is more than 1,000 years old. It has been told that Kobo-Daishi Kukai, known as the Grand Master who propagated the Buddhism teaching, planted the tree. 



 Narazu-no-ume tree has plum flowers but has never borne fruit. The name, 'narazu', comes from this 'no-fruit' condition. 



 The name of camellia tree comes from the historical fact that a master of tea ceremony, Takada Taro-an, loved this tree in the Edo period. 



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